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Terms of use

Copyrights to the data on this website including but not limited to images and texts are reserved by Dai-ichi Ceramo Co., Ltd. (Dai-ichi Ceramo) unless otherwise specified.
All contents are protected by the copyright law of Japan and international treaties.
Copyrights to the individual designs, images and texts etc. shown on each page on this website are reserved by Dai-ichi Ceramo or their original copyright holders.
Copyrights to each page on this website, which is a collection of individual copyrights, are also reserved by Dai-ichi Ceramo as an edited work or database.

Linking to this website does not require any permission, most preferrably to the home page http://www.dai-ichi-ceramo.co.jp/, however, it may not be allowed if the linking site may damage the intension of our site.

To view contents of this site certain application programs such as Microsoft Office (e.g. Word, Excel) and Adobe Reader (Acrobat Reader) may be required.
This website has been tested with Internet Explorer 6.0 for Windows and above.


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