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Company history

Apr. 1982

Ceramics R&D Group was newly established within Dai-ichi Kogyo Seiyaku to strengthen product portfolio and technical services concerning PIM-related agents (i.e. binder, dispersant, lubricant, mold release etc.)

Apr. 1985

Developed a ceramic compound for PIM

Apr. 1986

Started development of metal compounds for PIM

Oct. 1988

The PIM section of the Ceramics R&D Group was spun off from Dai-ichi Kogyo Seiyaku

Dec. 1989

Started construction of head office and plant in Shiga

Mar. 1990

Head office and plant setup completed

Aug. 1999

Dai-ichi Ceramo Co., Ltd. was established

May. 2007

Won the 57th Industrial Technology Award from Osaka Industrial Research Association


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